Most of us were raised to wash our faces once in the morning and once at night with soap, water and a lot of splashing around. And I'm here to say you aren't doing your face any favors! Washing your face may seem simple, but there’s actually an art to it. Let's talk about the right way to clean your skin— we've got all the details right here. 

There’s something beautiful that happens when you do these five important steps:

Step #1: Wash your face with lukewarm water and a cream cleanser. We recommend emerginC Aromatic Cream Tea Cleanser (the winners being Matricaria, Green Tea, Red Tea, White Tea, Rosa Centifola). Warm water helps lift the dirt out of your skin, but hot water can be too drying. Cream cleansers are more hydrating, but if you wear a lot of makeup, you might want to use a gel cleanser and/or a makeup remover instead like emerginC Pomegranate Gel Cleanser. After washing, dab your face with a towel—don’t rub. It will stretch your skin and lead to wrinkles. 

Step #2: Take a cotton ball and dip it in toner and swipe it around your face. We recommend Organic Nation - more than rose hydration mist for its calming and soothing benefits with a bioactive complex derived from 3 indigenous Australian berries. Focus on problem areas. For example, if you have an oily t-zone, toner is a huge help. You don’t need a lot! Just one soaked cotton ball is perfect. If you have extra dry skin, you can skip this step to avoid drying your skin out even more. 

Step #3: Serum is a necessity for your skin. Privai Nourishing Face & Body Oil is the holy grail of all serums, a little goes a long way and it feels like heaven on your skin. Use one or two pumps for your entire face and neck.

Step #5: The last step that nearly everyone forgets—don’t forget your eye cream! The under eye area is the thinnest part of your skin, so it’s desperate for moisture. Massage or pat a pea-sized amount of eye cream under your eyes about half an inch under your brow bone. If you’re putting on makeup afterwards, wait a few minutes so the cream can sink in. Use Akar Skin Nutrient Boost Eye Serum for best results. 

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